Builder Incentives

Financial incentives are available for builders of new homes serviced by PPL Electric Utilities.

The PPL New Homes Program offers participating builders

  • Rebates up to $4,500 per home
  • Free technical training
  • Free marketing materials
  • Multifamily projects are eligible to receive incentives on a per-unit basis
  • Multifamily developments can yield thousands of dollars in rebates for each building

With rebates of 30-35¢ per kWh, builders who save 15 percent or more in energy use over code can earn up to $4,500, depending on the home.

The table below summarizes the Program’s incentive structure.

Requirement Incentives
HERS Rating + 15% above code

What is HERS?
30¢ per kWh
HERS Rating + 15% above code + ENERGY STAR® Home

What is HERS?
35¢ per kWh

*Annual kWh savings are determined by comparing the newly constructed home against a code-minimum (2018 IECC) reference home using REM/Rate software.